Marta Pieropan

Mathematical Institute
Utrecht University
Hans Freudenthalgebouw
Budapestlaan 6
3584 CD Utrecht

Telephone: +31 30 253 9221
Room: 615


Online seminars

Zoom Algebraic Geometry Seminar

Number Theory Web Seminar

Zoom On Rational Points

POINT: New Developments in Number Theory


Nottingham University Algebraic Geometry Seminar

UU seminars

Algebraic Geometry seminar

Utrecht Geometry Centre seminar

LENT (“Learning Enough/Extra/Elementary/Explicit Number Theory”) seminar

Intercity seminars

Dutch Online Algebraic Geometry Seminar

Intercity Number Theory Seminar

Reading seminars

Logarithmic geometry and Gromov-Witten theory, UU, contact me at for more details

Deformation Theory, UvA

Dutch Differential Topology & Geometry seminar, Leiden - Utrecht - VU

Algebraic geometry and moduli seminar, ETH Zurich

Past reading seminars

WS 2018/19, SS 2019, WS 2019/20

Preprint Seminar

Positive characteristic algebraic geometry

SS 2018

Preprint Seminar

WS 2017/18

Preprint Seminar

Working group on K-stability

SS 2017

Langlands correspondence for function fields

WS 2016/17

Berkovich spaces, birational geometry and motivic zeta functions

Rationality and decomposition of the diagonal

SS 2016

Motivic Galois groups and periods

Further topics in GIT

Algebraic groups (Lei Zhang)


WS 2015/16

Supersingular K3 surfaces are unirational, after C. Liedtke

Topological Hochschild Homology and the de Rham-Witt Complex

Intersection theory