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Here is a collection of resources regarding social safety and mental health at UU and in academia in general. The list is by no means exhaustive, and suggestions are welcome.

Mental health in academia

Managing your Mental Health during your PhD, book by Zoë J. Ayres

Being well in academia, book by Petra Boynton

Dragonfly Mental Health, website of the Global Consortium for Academic Mental Health

Voices of Academia, blog and podcast

Anna Schueth's webpage

Resources at UU

Emergency number UU: (030 - 253) 44 44

Social safety at UU, include links to code of conduct and policies regarding inappropriate behaviour.

Social safety roadmap, UU

Social safety at the Faculty of Science

For staff (including PhD students)

Staff welfare service UU

Ombudsperson for staff, UU

Confidential advisors and committee for inappropriate behaviour, UU

Confidential advisors and committee for research integrity, UU

Company doctors, UU

Network USP Inclusive, for employees with an (workplace) disability or (psychological) vulnerability, UU.

For PhD students

PhD psychologist UU

Confidential advisor for PhD students, Faculty of Science

Workshops Career Services for PhDs, UU

Mental health poster

For students

Study advisor master, Department of Mathematics

Study advisor bachelor, Department of Mathematics

Ombuds Officer students, UU

Student couselor, UU

Confidential advisor for inappropriate behaviour, UU

Student psychologist, UU

Studying with a disability, UU

Studying without Limitations, UU