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Surveys and Benchmarks

I have contributed various surveys and benchmarks to support comparison and replication of research methods and tools in various areas. In contrast to (most of the) related work in the same fields, all my results are open-source, including datasets and software tools. I believe this to be critical for the progress of science.

Surveys and benchmarks below are organized along my main research themes.

Information visualization

Quantitative and Qualitative Comparison of 2D and 3D Projection Techniques for High-Dimensional Data Z. Tian, X. Zhai, G. van Steenpaal, L. Yu, E. Dimara, M. Espadoto, A. Telea. Information (12), 239

Quantitative Comparison of Time-Dependent Treemaps E. Vernier, M. Sondag, J. Comba, B. Speckmann, A. Telea, K. Verbeek. Computer Graphics Forum, 2020

Quantitative Evaluation of Time-Dependent Multidimensional Projection Techniques E. Vernier, R. Garcia, I. da Silva, J. Comba, A. Telea. Computer Graphics Forum, 2020

Towards a Quantitative Survey of Dimension Reduction Techniques M. Espadoto, R. Martins, A. Kerren, N. Hirata, A. Telea. IEEE TVCG, 2019

Quantitative Comparison of Time-Dependent Treemaps E Vernier, M Sondag, J Comba, B Speckmann, A Telea, K Verbeek. arXiv: 1906.06014 [cs.CG], 2019

Quantitative Comparison of Dynamic Treemaps for Software Evolution Visualization E. F. Vernier, J. Comba, A. Telea. Proc. IEEE VISSOFT 2018 (Distinguished paper award)

State of the Art in Edge and Trail Bundling Techniques A. Lhuillier, C. Hurter, A. Telea, CGF (Proc. EuroVis - STARs), 2017

Visual analytics

A Task-and-Technique Centered Survey on Visual Analytics for Deep Learning Model Engineering R. Garcia, A. Telea, B. da Silva, J. Torresen, J. Comba, Computers and Graphics (77), 2018, pp. 30-49, Elsevier

Shape and field processing

Physics-based fluid simulation in computer graphics: Survey, research trends, and challenges X. Wang, Y. Xu, S. Liu, B. Ren, J. Kosinka, A. Telea, J. Wang, C. Song, J. Chang, C. Li, J. Zhang, X. Ban. Computational Visual Media, 2023

3D Skeletons: A State-of-the-Art Report A. Tagliasacchi, T. Delame, M. Spagnuolo, N. Amenta, A. Telea. Computer Graphics Forum (Eurographics State-of-the-Art Reports) 35(2), pp. 573-597, 2016

Comparison of Curve and Surface Skeletonization Methods for Voxel Shapes A. Sobiecki, A. Jalba, A. Telea. Pattern Recognition Letters, vol. 47, pp. 147-156, 2014

Qualitative Comparison of Contraction-based Curve Skeletonization Methods A. Sobiecki, H. Yasan, A. Jalba, A. Telea. Proc. ISMM, 2013

Skeletonization benchmark A collection of algorithms and test shapes to benchmark 3D skeletonization methods.

Quantitative Comparison of Tolerance-Based Feature Transforms D. Reniers, A.Telea. Proc. VISAPP, 2006, INSTICC Press, ISBN 972-8865-40-6, 107-114

Note: All data and code for the above benchmarks is open source. Check this page for downloads.