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Supervised Students

Here is a list of selected students I (have) supervise(d). Links point to their theses and/or project descriptions.

Postdoc Students (current and former)

  • Zizhao Wu 'Skeleton-based shape analysis' (until 2019; with prof. Jiri Kosinka, SVCG-RUG)
  • Xiaokun Wang 'Physically-based fluid-solid phase transition animation' (until 2020; with prof. Jiri Kosinka, SVCG-RUG)
  • Lingyun Yu 'Interaction techniques for scientific visualization' (until 2019, SVCG-RUG)

PhD Students (ongoing)

  • Emre Oral (visualization for decision making)
  • Alister Reis (visual quality metrics)
  • Simon van Wageningen (algorithms for network visualization)
  • Yuncong Yu (visual analytics for multivariate time series)
  • Jiao Jiao (visual analytics for energy smart buildings)
  • Eduardo Vernier (multivariate analytics)
  • Barbara Benato (with prof. A. Falcao, UNICAMP)
  • Jieying Wang (multiscale skeletons for image/field data representation)
  • Xiaorui Zhai (interactive visual analytics of high-dimensional data)
  • Youngjoo Kim (big-data dimensionality reduction, with profs. J. Roerdink, SVCG-RUG and S. Trager, Kapteyn-RUG)
  • Gerben Hettinga (image vectorization, with prof. Jiri Kosinka, SVCG-RUG)
  • Zonglin Tian (effective multidimensional projections)
  • Rahul Gannamani (visual analytics for motion disorders, with prof. M. de Koning-Tijssen, UMCG)

PhD Students (graduated)

MSc Students (graduated, selection)

BSc Students (graduated, selection)