Some talks by Jan Stienstra

Motives and Strings   Hannover (9-XI-'04; pdf)   Perimeter Institute (19-XI-'04; pdf)

Diffraction   Cambridge (22-V-'05; ps)   Luminy (2-VI-'05; pdf)

Crystals, quivers and dessins d'enfants   Oberwolfach (2-II-'06; pdf)

Quivers, Superpotentials, Dimer models RIMS Kyoto (11 January 2008; pdf)

Hypergeometric systems, Laurent polynomials, Chow quotients and dimers   Leeds (23 May 2009; pdf)

Algebraic cycles, branes and De Rham-Witt   Nagoya (23 November 2010; pdf)

Quivers with Potential and Hypergeometric Structures associated with integer points of the Grassmannian G(2,N-1)   Hannover (18 April 2011; pdf)

Dimer Models and Hypergeometric Systems   BIRS Banff (13 May 2011; pdf)

  GAGA UU 28 april 2015

  Zhegalkin zebra motives, digital recordings of mirror symmetry , March 28, 2018, Hausdorf Institute for Mathematics, Trimester Program ''Periods in Number Theory, Algebraic Geometry and Physics

  Zhegalkin zebra motives, algebra and geometry in black and white , talk in Geometry Seminar in Nijmegen, 1 November 2018