Parallel Scientific Computation: A Structured Approach Using BSP (Second Edition)


Author: Rob H. Bisseling
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Publication date (UK): September 30, 2020
Pages: 416 pages
ISBN 9780198788348 (hardback)
ISBN 9780198788355 (paperback)
ISBN 9780191092572 (ebook)

Rob H. Bisseling
Photo by Nienke Meek



This is a complete set of class-tested lectures which are supplementary to the main text of the book. Each lecture corresponds to one section (or a few) of the book and has up to 25 slides, which takes about 45 min. It is given as a PDF file. The slides have been written in LaTeX/Beamer with most figures produced by TikZ or Gnuplot. If you are a teacher and want to use the slides, but would like to modify them, for instance to turn my jokes into better ones, then please send me an email and I will provide the sources. All lectures have been updated in 2020.

All lectures are available here, as a package PSC2 Slides (40 MB), released December 7, 2020. The format is gzipped tar. The lectures can also be downloaded separately, through the following list.


The programs of the book, plus a set of test driver programs, are available here, as a package BSPedupack version 2.0, released September 2, 2020. The format is gzipped tar. To unpack on a UNIX system, use the command
tar -xzvf BSPedupack2.0.tar.gz


Any errors that might be found after publication will be collected in an errata file.

Additional files


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