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Articles (refereed unless indicated otherwise)

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    [Related CWI Report MAS-E0909]
    Animations referenced in this paper: anim1.avi anim2.avi

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    [Link to the e-publication (with movies!)]

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Summaries and other non-refereed

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For a broader audience

  1. Formulas for Insight and Innovation: Dutch Mathematical Sciences in 2025. Platform Wiskunde Nederland, 2014.

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Theses, oratie

  1. J. Frank, "The Nature of Prediction (and the Prediction of Nature)", Inaugural Lecture, 412 in the series, Amsterdam University Press, 2011. Download my slides: Apple Keynote (35MB), or PDF (4MB)

  2. J. Frank, Efficient Algorithms for the Numerical Solution of Differential Equations. Dissertation, Technische Universiteit Delft, 17 April 2000. Summary.]

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erdös number = 4

I have two papers with Pieter van der Houwen, who in turn co-authored papers with Herman te Riele, who has written articles with Peter Montgomery (as well with Erdös co-authors Deshouillers, Granville, Ivic, and Odlyzko), who is a co-author of Paul Erdös.