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We study how we can automatically create a data structure that represents the walkable surfaces in such an environment, and how it can be updated dynamically and efficiently when it changes. We refer to this structure as a navigation mesh. This mesh enables efficient crowd simulation, which is our next topic of research. We study and develop a crowd simulation framework and its components, which ranges from global (AI) planning to local animation. We create models for realistic crowd behaviors, which includes studying how (groups of) people move and avoid collisions in such environments, based on agent profiles and semantics (such as terrain annotations).

List of publications

On Streams and Incentives: A Synthesis of Individual and Collective Crowd Motion.

Crowd simulation

The Corridor Map Method / Indicative Route Method

Current applications require a path planner that is fast (to ensure real-time interaction with the environment) and flexible (to avoid local hazards). In addition, paths need to be natural, i.e. smooth and short. Our framework, the Corridor Map Method, meets these requirements.

A smooth, short path with clearance inside an Explicit Corridor.

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